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Apex Corporate

Apex Corporate as a business vertical hosts some of the leading firms from different sectors engaged in delivering cutting edge services to their clientele. The services range from strategy design to business consulting provided by leading industry experts from Apex with deep industry experience in rendering such specialized services to corporates houses.

APEX CORPORATE is an extremely advanced, efficiently flexible and diligently updated program for our corporate clients. This vertical hosts many of the leading corporates, engaged in far reaching activities.

Cutthroat competition keeps corporates on their toes, constantly striving for the edge. APEX CORPORATE does more than just offering this edge. Synchronizing our research, know-how and their unfathomable industrial experience, our advisors engineer the best possible custom fit recommendations for each and every aspect of a corporate.

APEX CORPORATE painstakingly ensures the advices are exhaustive and congruent, in turn establishing a profitable and highly innovative model.


We trigger business leaders of tomorrow!

Apex Management consulting services fosters your ideas, conceptualize what matters and what works areas, and strategize results that transform the business.

Our key areas are into strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformations in all sized industries and geographies. Our core team of consultants recognize your unique business challenges, incorporate their deep functional skills, breadth of industry knowledge, and build it into an environment that strengthens your stand in the industry.

We focus on designing and delivering complete end to end solutions in all technologies to businesses and increase their performances innovatively. Apex renders services to our clients by encouraging development in their business and drives goal directed performances.

BOT: Build, Operate and Transfer

Build-Operate-Transfer is a structured model for companies that want to leverage their business and maintain day-to-day control of all aspects of the management. Apex BOT model construes of designing, maintaining, and transiting these services with clear service level agreements. Our BOT consultants assist in the knowledge transfer of running, managing, and optimizing the production system once it is deployed.


Peruse the needs and strategic requirements of the client and prepare the necessary framework and work environment. Establish operating guidelines to initiate structuring of the model.


Apex consultants collaborate with the client to embed and customize the process. They benchmark the performance and design a work around to implement a finite service level agreement. We also manage the facility and infrastructure through the operating stage.


In this last stage of the model, we transfer fully productive and proven deliverable. Apex also provides assistance on all aspects. Whenever the client requires, proper support and transfer knowledge is executed.


  • Does your firm sustain productivity?
  • Realize eventual cost – savings?
  • Need to explore and expand your firm strategically?
  • Looking for outsourcing non – core competency areas?

Here comes the APEX – answers for your queries.



Competitive world needs high productivity and reduce the costs in many companies and organizations. Apex provides value added services to your business in improving and increasing your productivity and strengthens the quality. Apex offers organizations the choice of knowledge based processes across various verticals in large scale. Our KPO's include research and development, data analytics, business intelligence, training and consulting etc.

Organizations today are looking to create value through high quality business operations and productivity. Companies with contemporary approach toward conducting business will look at outsourcing their operations. Competitive world pushes companies to shift to the era of low cost and high quality services. We at Apex provide our clients at achieving these challenges. We promise to deliver high valued services to reduce cost, increase productivity with quality.

To tread fast through the business strife, we equip our clients with wide variety of knowledge based projects across verticals. Our Knowledge Processing Outsource (KPO) services include research and development, data analytics, business intelligence, training and consulting etc. At KPOs, we focus on fast paced solutions to the clients apart from managing their business deadlines.


Apex will implement cost-saving measure for tasks that any company requires. As Global organizations are drastically incorporating in outsourcing front and back office processes in transforming their businesses, we render services for both back office outsourcing including internal business functions and as well as front office outsourcing including customer related services in a very wide range.

With unbreakable changes in economy, it has become a challenge to minimise cost and maximise profits for an enterprise. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the best in class solution for the problem. Apex BPO being process oriented service, it’s imperative stride of providing clients with low cost yet efficient and successful service levels to the clients who are looking for second to none success.

Apex is proud to provide world class BPO services to its clients. Our customers contract their operations to us and it is our responsibility to pump their profits along with quality way of conducting the operations. We render services for both back office outsourcing including internal business functions and as well as front office outsourcing including customer related services in a very wide range.

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